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ScentsAbility Candles, The IDDeal Foundation’s candle brand, currently manages the essential Work pillar function. ScentsAbility Candles provides adaptive strategies to ensure adults with I/DD achieve success as an alternative to institutionalized and mindless tasks. ScentsAbility Candles’ mission is to help our artisan candlemakers realize their full potential and create beautifully crafted artisan scented candles.

It's been quite a journey

In 2013, ScentsAbility Candles transitioned to a non-profit organization to advance our mission of providing work opportunities for adults with I/DD.

In 2015, ScentsAbility Candles was presented with a Congressional Proclamation in recognition of our Organization’s groundbreaking work with young adults with I/DD.

In 2017, ScentsAbility Candles was honored at the annual National Candle Association (NCA) Expo for the products and possibilities we have produced. In addition, ScentsAbility Candles was asked to be the Key Note Speakers, spreading our message of inclusion and purpose to several hundred top executives in the candle industry.

How Work Helps Create An IDDeal Life

Engaging in meaningful, fulfilling activities have a wide range of mental, emotional, and even physical benefits for adults with I/DD. Our vision is to create an environment in which each individual uses their unique abilities in developing, creating, and selling our scented artisan products for home and body.

Our IDDealists work with our members to provide them with a spectrum of life experiences, such as:

The IDDeal Foundation is so excited to expand IDDeal’s vision and improve the quality of life for more adults with I/DD. We help reduce the risks of poverty, obesity, and depression to help our members truly thrive.

Employment Opportunities

A new survey shows that unemployment among people with intellectual disabilities is more than twice as high as for the general population. That’s according to one of the most comprehensive U.S. surveys ever done on adults with disabilities in the workforce. The “National Snapshot of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Labor Force” was commissioned by Special Olympics, conducted by the Center for Social Development and Education at the University of Massachusetts Boston and administered by Gallup.

One of the most dramatic findings of this snapshot is that less than one out of every two working age adults with ID is in the labor force (i.e. currently employed or searching for work).

Only 44% of adults with ID aged 21-64 are in the labor force.
This is compared to 83% of working-age adults without disabilities who are in the labor force.
The unemployment rate for adults with ID is more than twice as high as those without disabilities.
21% of working age adults with ID are unemployed.
This is compared to less than 8% of adults without disabilities who are unemployed.
A substantial proportion of adults with ID have never been in the workforce.
28% of working age adults with ID have never held a job.
Only 34% of adults with ID aged 21-64 are employed, and an approximately equal number work in a sheltered setting as a competitive setting (where most people do not have disabilities).

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Founded in 2009, ScentsAbility Candles is the longest-running micro-enterprise in the state of Florida. Our artisan-crafted candles are produced with the finest fragrances, a proprietary soy wax blend, and 100% cotton wicks that are non-GMO, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

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