The Iddeal Foundation Team

Creating Inclusive, Whole-person Solutions For The I/DD Community

We provide adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) the opportunities they need to thrive, find balance, and lead IDDeal lives.

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to recognize we are all uniquely human and provide an IDDeal Life in a supported community where people with I/DD can reach their fullest potential by exploring Work. Live. Play.

Our Philosophy

Live Your IDDeal Life:

A Life That Caters To Your Unique Needs!


Providing the essential work component, giving our young adults with I/DD a creative and supportive workplace.
84% of adults with I/DD are unemployed.


Providing a supportive home for independent living, health care, nutrition, physical fitness, activities of daily life, and the emotional needs of people with I/DD.
There are approximately 472,644 individuals diagnosed with I/DD in Florida; yet since 1987, only 5 communities, serving less than 500 individuals, have been developed.


Providing inclusive activities in the community and helping our members engage with friends, build social skills, and contribute to society.
Adults with I/DD have fewer social networks and friendships than those without I/DD. and are often closely linked to family members, peers with similar disabilities and service providers.  Most people with I/DD remain segregated, isolated and lonely.

One in four families are affected by I/DD.

At The IDDeal foundation, we understand that creating the IDDeal life encompasses three pillars which recognizes the whole-person, giving them opportunities to thrive in their day to day environment; Work. Live. Play. We believe it is essential to nurture all three pillars in order to find balance and live your IDDeal life and embrace what makes us all uniquely human.  

An intellectual disability develops during a person’s childhood years (the developmental stage) and is indicated by below-average intellectual functioning and is clinically diagnosed when one’s IQ is 70 or under.

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About Us

Creating Inclusive, Whole-person Solutions For The I/DD Community

The IDDeal Foundation is a for impact, non-profit organization dedicated to assisting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in fostering independence, confidence, and a sense of purpose. Our foundation provides an independent, person-focused community for adults with I/DD and their caretakers to thrive. Through our programs, we focus on building an inclusive dynamic between the I/DD community and society to open a whole new world of opportunity. 


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