How It All Started

We founded The IDDeal Foundation, based on a mutual love for our daughters with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), Lexy and Jessica. It was through our journey as parents and caretakers from infancy to adulthood, we realized the gaps in government services and society to provide the support opportunities for adults with I/DD to reach their full potential. We realized our daughters are uniquely human which is why we created The IDDeal Foundation to provide their IDDeal life through Work. Live. Play.

About ScentsAbility Candles

ScentsAbility Candles is an innovative, for social impact, enterprise that serves to provide Work opportunities to the I/DD community. It was created to give our artisans a purposeful day through accomplishing supported tasks that cater to their unique abilities and provide job training that addresses the whole person and helps them thrive.

It's been a quite a journey

In 2013, ScentsAbility transitioned to a non-profit organization to advance our mission of providing work opportunities for adults with I/DD.

In 2015, ScentsAbility was presented with a Congressional Proclamation in recognition of our Organization’s groundbreaking work with young adults with I/DD.

In 2017, ScentsAbility was honored at the annual National Candle Association (NCA) Expo for the products and possibilities we have produced. In addition, ScentsAbility was asked to be the Key Note Speakers, spreading our message of inclusion and purpose to several hundred top executives in the candle industry.


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