How IDDeal Helps Our Members Live & Thrive

Long-term support that fosters as much independence as possible is an important goal for families with loved ones affected by I/DD. Our goal is to create an affordable, inclusive, safe and supportive community where young adults with I/DD are able to live independent and fulfilling lives.

The Iddeal foundation team
The IDDeal Foundation Team
The IDDeal Foundation Team

Community Support & Solutions

The IDDeal Foundation leverages our strong relationships with local retailers, service providers, and recreational facilities to offer:
Guidance for members and families on how to navigate the ins and outs of benefits for living conditions.
Community staff and volunteers providing services to enrich and support their daily life.
Support for third party services beyond approved benefits.

Community & Support

If an adult, no matter the age, does not live independently, with a family member or guardian, and they need support, their only option is to live in an institutional setting.

Florida ranks 47th in the nation for providing services to this population. State statistitcs reveal:

There are approximately 472,466 (2017) individuals diagnosed with I/DD in Florida. Since 2016, none in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach, three of the most populous counties. One is, however, about to start construction in Miami. 30% of the need is in the tri-county area (Palm / Broward / Miami-Dade).
Seventy-five percent (75%) (352,726) of those with I/DD live with a family caregiver. Thirty-one percent (31%)(110,955) of that group live with a family caregiver over 60.
Many adults with I/DD subsist on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). For 2021 benefits equal $794.00 per month.

Florida has the highest percentage of aging caregivers in the nation, with over 25%.

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