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What Is Our Purpose?

The IDDeal Foundation was founded to create a world where people with I/DD are thriving not only as members of a community that serves their unique needs, but are also accepted as a whole person in society through Work. Live. Play.

What Is Our Vision?

Our vision is to help create a world where the I/DD population is included, accepted and supported, wholeheartedly into society. Through inclusion and acceptance, they can cultivate the skills, relationships, and experiences they need to live with purpose.
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Work. Live. Play

From our board of directors and members to our IDDealists, we strive to provide all-inclusive support and services for members of the I/DD community. Our programs and offerings are tailored to each member’s unique human needs, which offers the opportunity for growth and their ability to reach their fullest potential. 

The IDDeal Foundation embraces and promotes whole-person solutions for the I/DD community by creating what we call the IDDeal Life. We understand that creating the IDDeal life encompasses three pillars which allows any person to thrive in their day-to-day environment: Work, Live, and Play. It is essential to nurture all three pillars to find balance and live your IDDeal life.


To provide the work component, giving our young adults with I/DD a creative and supportive workplace.


To provide a supportive home addressing independent living, health care, nutrition, physical fitness, activities of daily life, and the emotional needs of our young adults.


To provide inclusive activities in the community and help our young adults engage with friends, build social skills, and contribute to their community.

We Are Guided By Our Values

Our team strives to build a thriving environment that impacts the world. Together, our work is guided by these core values:


Gratitude is where we begin at The IDDeal foundation! The ability to recognize and feel grateful for the opportunity to impact and touch lives regardless if you are an IDDealist, a member or someone in the community is what makes up the heart of The IDDeal Foundation. We are grateful for and lean into the uniqueness of each member, which empowers our IDDealists to embrace and value themselves in turn.


We know the power of a life lived with purpose! That it is, in part, what drives all humans to reach their fullest potential. Whether it's being involved in a greater cause than ourselves to doing something meaningful in our day-to-day lives, it all matters. Our organization strives to cultivate a community that is passionate about finding their why, and sharing it with the world.


We are all uniquely human, down to what skills and abilities we have. We engage with our IDDealists and members to tap into each individual's strengths, knowing that it doesn't look the same for everyone, which makes us powerful as individuals and an organization.


Positivity is an essential life skill that is essential in the IDDeal Foundation! We promote having the best "can do" attitude, which influences others. Positivity isn't about always having a smile on your face; it's the ability to find the good regardless of the situation. This allows for a culture of thinking outside the box and overcoming an adverse situation because of your positive mindset.


Understanding one's ability and desire to grow and develop into your best self is essential at The IDDeal Foundation! Our members know they have unlimited potential, and we aim to build a culture with people who share this growth mindset.


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